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My View

“I have always been passionate about giving back to my community and especially to the youth of our society. I believe in paying my civic rent and I take tremendous pride in my efforts on behalf of the citizens of Johns Creek.”

Devoted to enforce the standards set in the newly adopted Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) to ensure proper growth and development throughout the City.  Diligent in protecting the residential feel while executing the set guidelines for acceptable composition and density. In the area of zoning, the residents were involved in the development of the new CLUP, City Council has passed it-now it's time to make sure that those standards are enforced. City Council also needs to help staff to expedite the aligning of the ordinances with the new CLUP. In turn, this will allow the City to work on a Master Plan.


Committed to promoting traffic congestion relief efforts that work in the best interests of the community.

City Council needs to recognize that the residents voted and passed a Special Local Option Sales Tax for Transportation.  Our Public Works Department has been working on different design options for the many challenges throughout the City-only to be met with more obstacles. The Members of Council need to look at two things: Does it meet the requirements regarding the TSPLOST framework? and Does it meet the public safety standards the residents need?  If so, then let's move it along....we all know nothing in government moves fast, so we need to do our jobs in order to not be part of the problem.


Resolute in preserving green-space while working to maximize park bond expenditures to benefit and serve the residents of Johns Creek. The voters passed a Park Bond and the City has been collecting the money. Some minor improvements have been made to our existing active parks, and that's a good thing. We still have a long way to go.  The pocket parks are coming up in discussions. The bigger issue is what to do with Cauley Creek?  The City acquired this nearly 200 acre piece along the Chattahoochee River-and no one wants to deal with it.  I believe that the residents in that area have spoken, and I have heard they would like to leave it as 'natural' as possible.  Nice walking trails, picnic tables and patches for bird watching. 

My Pledge:

I pledge to keep and protect the Johns Creek voter’s mandate in regard to the use of funds collected for the betterment of Johns Creek guaranteeing a place for our children and future generations to call home.